• Star-Luck wins ExxonMobil Cepu Tender.
  • Star-Luck wins Chevron Duri Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring 3 Year Contract.
  • Star-Luck wins Mobil Cepu Ltd. (XOM) tender for Cepu 2008/2009.
  • Star-Luck wins JVPC (Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company Ltd.) tender for 2010
  • Star-Luck installs two EDPMS Systems for HLHV JOC in Vietnam
  • Star-Luck wins multiple EDPMS well order for China
  • Star-Luck wins Pt. Chevron Indonesia, Duri Fiber Optics Temperature Profiling System Contract (No. 8520):












      Recent News

      P.T. Star-Luck Indonesia has been awarded a 300 Day Injury and Incident Free Certificate from P.T. Chevron Indonesia.  Star-Luck achieved this award as part of a three year contract to provide temperature and pressure monitoring services for Chevron’s Heavy Oil Steamflood in Duri, Riau Province.  The picture below shows the award being presented to Star-Luck’s Duri Operations Manager, Ricki Syafran.  The second picture shows members of Star-Luck’s Duri operation after a celebration luncheon.


      Posted by Tim Johnson on February 26, 2010 •