Operating Principles

Star-Luck's Exact Downhole Pressure Monitoring System operates without any moving mechanical parts or electrical components downhole. Downhole pressure is transmitted to the surface via a column of inert gas contained within a capillary tube. A high accuracy pressure transducer measures the pressure at at the top of the capillary tube and then Star-Luck's Intelligent Data Logger calculates and stores the actual bottom-hole pressure. Because Star-Luck's EPMS system has no downhole moving parts our system out performs all competitors systems for longevity.


  • EDPMS provides real-time, continuous, accurate, and reliable pressure data to monitor and record reservoir pressure response to production and injection, commissioning and optimization of well performance, and real time well management.
  • EDPMS has (absolutely) no downhole electronics, all electronic equipment is located on the surface.
  • Capillary tubing located on the outside of the production tubing string, allowing continued production and allowing other tools to be deployed down the well.
  • Other systems that advertise "no downhole electronics" have either current passed to the downhole sensor, or moving parts which experience drift that requires comparison calibration surveys to insure accuracy.
  • Star-Luck DataLogger

    Star-Luck offers the most advanced capillary tubing pressure monitoring data logger on the market. The Star-Luck data logger corrects for changes in gas column weight for every data point collected. Traditional data loggers used for this type product use a single pressure multiplier factor to correct from surface gauge to BHP.