Star-Luck Enterprise, Digital Ascension, Ascension

Our Company

Star-Luck Enterprise Inc. is a technology enabling company whose focus is to help oil and gas customers improve their understanding of downhole conditions by providing the most reliable wellbore single point or distributed sensing systems.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver leading edge, cost effective products and knowledge to the oil and gas end user through implementation of the highest quality downhole sensing technologies.

Our Challenge

Distributed sensing technologies and their applications are immerging that can drastically change the way wells and reservoirs are managed.  The industry challenge is to provide these technologies to all oil and gas producers, no matter where they produce at the best price possible.

Our Vision

Star-Luck Enterprise will provide our unique capabilities to enable customers to utilize distributed or single point sensing systems to add value through enhanced data collection in oil and gas wells at affordable prices.

Our Experience

Star-Luck Enterprise and Digital Ascension Fiber Optics has unprecedented experience in the oil and gas industry for providing downhole sensing systems including more than 30 years combined experience in providing “Distributed Temperature Sensing Systems”.  Our knowledge and capabilities related to down hole sensing installation include project management, single and multi-well system installation, training, data management and interpretation, sensor technology development well production performance investigation and problem resolution,

Our Solution

Star-Luck will work with an oil and gas operating companies to deliver EDPMS, DTS, PDG and other sensing technologies to your oil and gas wells.