• Star-Luck wins ExxonMobil Cepu Tender.
  • Star-Luck wins Chevron Duri Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring 3 Year Contract.
  • Star-Luck wins Mobil Cepu Ltd. (XOM) tender for Cepu 2008/2009.
  • Star-Luck wins JVPC (Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company Ltd.) tender for 2010
  • Star-Luck installs two EDPMS Systems for HLHV JOC in Vietnam
  • Star-Luck wins multiple EDPMS well order for China
  • Star-Luck wins Pt. Chevron Indonesia, Duri Fiber Optics Temperature Profiling System Contract (No. 8520):













      Star-Luck Enterpise Inc. offers high quality downhole monitoring solutions. Star-Luck is committed to delivering the most reliable downhole sensing equipment in the oil and gas industry. Only high quality corrosion resistant parts are used.

      To achieve this we supply our Exact Downhole Pressure Monitoring and Distributed Temperature Sensing systems. Both of these products have no downhole electronics, or moving parts, eliminating downhole failure.

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